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Paddle The Pontchartain

When someone is inspired to do something unique and with purpose, it can be amazing. Team Gleason was contacted today, July 3rd by NOLA Paddleboard’s owner and stand up paddleboard fanatic, Jeff Lakey. He told us he wanted to be the first person to paddleboard across Lake Pontchartrain. And, equally as important, he wants to do it for Steve. Jeff recently met Steve while Steve was wheeling around Bayou St. John and has wanted to do something for Team Gleason since.  Coupled with his desire to stand up paddle across the lake and Steve’s message of No White Flags, Jeff will be attempting the feat tomorrow, July 4th. We think that’s pretty amazing.

“Steve is an inspiration. One thing I do well is stand up paddleboard, but I wanted to push myself to see what I could do for Team Gleason.”

To support Team Gleason, Jeff is asking everyone to visit and donate $37. Each donor will receive a limited edition “Paddle the Pontchartrain, No White Flags” t-shirt.

Donate $37 to either The Gleason Initiative Foundation or The Gleason Family Trust and we will send you a t-shirt!

Jeff will start at the Lake Pontchartrain Harbor Marina in Mandeville at 5am and if all goes well, he will finish at the Metairie, Bonnabel Boat Launch around 1pm.

Safety message: We ask everyone who is on the lake tomorrow to stay away from Jeff. He has a phone and is in contact with officials. Additionally, please do not stop on the Causeway or slow for any reason. Team Gleason is so thankful for what Jeff is attempting and we want him to be safe while on the water.

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  1. Susan Sanborn / Jul 5 2012 4:36 am

    Beautiful gift, Jeff! I support you and Steve, and Steve’s family 100%. I gave to the “Gleason Family Trust” today. I support research and assistance for those with ALS but, I had to give with all my heart to a family I can know and see, with a beautiful child… Fighting the fight.
    Happy Fourth Gleasons! And, safe travels, Jeff!
    My heart is with all of you…

    NOLA Paddle Boarder,


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