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April 29, 2016 / tgexp

Bobby Forster, French Quarter Fest in New Orleans, LA

With the funds donated to The Gleason Initiative Foundation from Bobby Forster’s former employer, Need a Ride Pedicabs, Team Gleason was able to bring Bobby back to New Orleans, LA for French Quarter Fest!  Bobby’s friends and fellow pedicabbers put on a fundraiser for him while he was in New Orleans to help with his medical expenses.  He is a special guy and much deserving of a fun adventure back to a city he loves, New Orleans!  Here is the letter Bobby wrote to Team Gleason after his Big Adventure to the Big Easy! 


Dear Team Gleason,

Thank you so much for making my recent trip to New Orleans a reality for me. New Orleans is a place that I hold near and dear to my heart. The last time I was in New Orleans was two Mardi Gras ago. It was while marching in Muses that I proposed to my wife Casey. I have wanted to get back sooner, but complications with ALS made it difficult to travel for a while.
While I was here, I was literally able to see over a hundred friends that I have been missing dearly. I got to go to a great event that my friends put on as a fundraiser for me. I went to a boil. I went and got a Parkway poboy and ate it at Bayou St. John. I was able to enjoy French Quarter Festival and hear some incredible music that I rocked out to with friends. Most importantly I got to be a normal person and just relax with people I love and make unforgettable memories.
This trip literally meant the world to me. I am sure you all have felt this before, but when you are away from New Orleans for too long, you literally ache to be back. I am so thankful that you guys made it possible for me to come home and see my New Orleans family.
Bobby Forster

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