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February 25, 2015 / tgexp

The Sorks, Lift System

Dear Team Gleason,

Words are often inadequate to express my joy for your invaluable help & support. Michael and I deeply appreciate all that Team Gleason has done for us. Thank You.

Your recent gift , the Liko lift system has given new meaning to feeling good and wanting to get healthier. I have been physically transferring Michael by myself every day for almost 4 years from bed to shower to bed and then his chair , again from chair to bed at night. There were very few days that I would wake up without any back pain due to a small fracture in my lower spine irritated by the lifting, but we did what we needed to do . People would ask why not use the Hoyer lift? Good question, It took more effort ,work & strain to maneuver it around accompanying Michael’s vent. It was bulky and he had trouble breathing freely.

The Liko lift has made transferring almost effortless . Michael is comfortable and can breathe. I now wake up with no more back pain and feeling great. So great , that I have now enrolled in an exercise class along with eating healthier and wanting to change. But most importantly, I can keep up with Michael now…

We are so grateful for all the things you all do to improve the lives of pALS & cALS living with the beast. #NOWHITEFLAGS


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