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October 27, 2012 / tgexp

Jazz Half Marathon

Steve’s brother in law Vinnie asked him if he wanted to participate in the Jazz Half Marathon. Steve said yes.

Our friend Rick Crozier was practicing with a potential chair out on the lakefront:


When an awesome fella named John Treul stopped them and offered a better chair that he had designed for a friend.

Vinnie and Steve’s one practice run with the new chair. 7 miles. They agreed it would suffice.


The boys, Vinnie and Pauly came over at 5am to help Steve get ready.


Transferring Steve from one chair to another.


Pauly trying to get the chair back in the car. Much Easier said than done..


Quick pic with Michel. It was chilly out.


The runner and roller.


And they’re off. Vinnie only dropped Steve once.


Rivers at the finish line waiting for his Uncle Vinnie and his dad.


Team Gleason Support Team


Celebratory Beer. Awesome morning.


Some good articles:

Sporting News

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