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August 26, 2012 / tgexp

The “Rebirth Statue” Dedication

We had a very early flight to Nola this am. Typical security visit.. With strollers and wheelchairs we take longer than most.


Rivers loves screaming out the window. You may or may not notice that he has a different outfit in this picture. The last one is in the trash in the airplane bathroom because he had an accident. All over his outfit and all over the toilet and the floor and the sink. Pretty much everywhere including the non-existing changing table. Luckily I carry lots of wipes and did my best to clean everything for the other delta fliers.


Blair bringing the electric chair down to Steve.


We had an appreciation dinner/meeting for the Team Gleason board at Mr Johns. Annoyingly we dont have a picture of Clare.

A few of the members:

Vinnie and Kyle


Thomas and Paul


Steve and Michel


Paul Sr.


We had a special guest appearance: Jen Hale


Who tried a piece of steak even though she doesn’t eat steak. She did it for Team Gleason.


HBO came in town to get some get some B-roll for the piece. They came over early Friday morning.



The HBO crew: John Frankel, Chapman Downes, and Spencer Wilking.


Best part of the morning, Peter King came over for a visit! (and a shower).


The statue ceremony was an emotional, amazing event. The statue is awesome, even though it doesn’t do Steve’s butt justice.





And just like that, we were on the plane back to Idaho.
But this time, without a wheelchair. The plane couldn’t fit steves chair. Blair was down under with the luggage crew trying to make it work, but no success. So we had to use the old fashioned push chair and come pick ours up tomorrow.


Two videos from the day:

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