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August 3, 2012 / tgexp

Black Rock, Part 5, 4th of July

This is our 8th year being at Coeur d’alene Lake with Dave and Kim Stewart for July 4th. Paige, Rivers, and baby Charlie have been added to the tradition.


Oh yeah. And Blair, drinking Ménage a Trois.


Ray’s little girl forgot her underwear at the house. So we dressed Rivers in drag.


We tried to get the “No White Flags” flag in a picture for July 4th. No wind. No dice.


Family photo.


The boys took the kids on a boat ride so Kimi and I got to have 2hrs to ourselves.


The Boys coming up from the lake.


Steve’s uncle Jimmy and Colin came for a visit.


The Shaws love Steve-o!


We took this picture to show to Jackie Gleason, who we love and are praying for every day.


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  1. JC / Aug 7 2012 5:55 pm

    This blog makes me so happy.

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