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July 15, 2012 / tgexp

Black Rock, Part 3, The Gleason Classic Golf Tournament

The Gleason Classic Golf Tournament weekend was a successful one.
$300k was raised for:

*GONZAGA PREP: Steve Gleason scholarship for a child with a parent with a neurodegenerative disease

* WSU: Steve Gleason scholarship for a child with a parent with a neurodegenerative disease

*Catholic Charities (for ALS patients)

*The Gleason Initiative Foundation

For more pictures, go to:

Jilly and Pops cooking some bacon:


Steve’s physical therapist from New Orleans, Troy Bourgeois, came in town for a couple of days to visit and to stretch out Steve. He’s happy with Steve’s flexibility, which makes us all happy.
This pose looks a little chip-n-daleish.


There was a pre-party for the tournament at a beautiful house overlooking the lake.


A friend of Dave Martins let us borrow his 4-wheeler golf cart with a monster sound system.



After this picture, Paul almost drove us off the road while looking at a deer.


The day started early with a cannon and a flag raising.


Rivers with his Grandma Gail.


This awesome fella bought a jersey at the auction. His granddaughter was due any minute. Her name will be Gleason, named after Steve. Pretty cool.


Steve with some golfers.


Some hard working committee


My dad after hanging with Steve and his buddies one night:


It was an amazing day except for the fact that Steve’s stepmom, Jackie, had a brain aneurism. Things are looking good for her now! but it was a horribly shocking news.

Thanks to everyone involved. Huge success at beautiful Black Rock.

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